Nick Papasidero, a detail-oriented, oriental-oriented, story driven, and stoney driver, on the path of an indie filmmaker with more scripts then I can count. Now with a degree from the University of Georgia for Entertainment and Media Studies in hand, I’m ready to prove to the world what a creative force I am to be reckoned with. Nolan, Anderson, Iñárritu, step out the way. Because here comes Biggie Productions.

Hi My Name Is

Nick Papasidero, a graduate of University of Georgia in their growing filmmaking school within the Grady College of Journalism. I am one of the first five graduating classes, earning my degree in 2020 in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Naturally this put my film career in a temporary hiatus. I kept my focus on writing, storyboarding, and set design, but after working on numerous small indie productions, I’ve fallen in love with being on set, whether on the creative side or the practical. I’ve worked in nearly every department, and below is the showcase of all my efforts.

An exoeriment in the 5-shot method. A beginning, middle, and end. Each done with 5 shots.