“Do You Think About Me?”

Positions: Director, Executive Producer, Writer, Editor, etc.

This was for EMST 4230 Directing for the Screen: A 10-minute short film that I was required to pull together on my own. Find my own crew to make my own movie. I wrote the screenplay in the first couple weeks, but it went through a few drafts in the months to come before I started looking for a crew. This became the next big issue though, because there was a surplus in film projects and a shortage of experienced students for the crew. As I continued pre-production, casting, storyboarding, and analyzing the script’s subtext, I struggled to find a producer or director of photography and I began to realize how much of this I would have to do on my own. Luckily, I’ve had a lot of experience on sets and in different roles, so I slid between roles fairly easily. But production would not work with one man in many roles. So I asked friends who I knew were interested in movies, and I found ambitious students in the introduction class, and I pulled together a crew of people as new to their positions I as I was as the director. However, with my education and experience and the relatively simple script, I was able to teach and lead my novice crew to a pretty legit film, although it can never be published. At least not in this condition. The movie is now in post-production which is made up of mostly me and a friend who helps me in his spare-time. Check back soon!