I was chosen for Megan’s special Misfits team, and I have to admit, it saved my life. I was so dreading this class going in to it, not knowing much, just anxious about what project I would be forced into. Even when hearing about the special film project I figured, there’s no way that will be as fulfilling or engaging as the film I would also be directing simultaneously this semester. However, the NMI still managed to pull through, considering how fun, independent, challenging, and most importantly, relevant to my life goals. This project really pushed my abilities as a filmmaker, forcing me to rely on my own equipment and working with non-actors and people outside of the film industry. Plus it forced me to learn how to use After Effects and effect controls in Premiere, which came in use with editing other projects digitally. It also challenged me in my time management and scheduling because of the last minute “filming appointments” I would make with the students and staff of Milledge Hall. Having to pick up and go with a movie set at any time for a video I would put together all by myself was very strange. It was almost like my scripts were puzzles and I needed to get the right shots over 3 weeks time to piece them together at the same time.