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Digital Brown Bag is a seminar class. Every week is a new seminar.

NMIX 4220/4221

What is the Digital Brown Bag Class?

This class is run like a job because it’s about getting a job. Boss Megan Ward makes it clear from the first day what it means to be a Digital Brown Bag Company (DBB Co.) employee: be attentive, be involved, and be punctual. DBB Co. is a seminar class, as in every week is a new seminar. A different speaker and, more often than not, an NMIX alumni came in to discuss their professional career, how they got there, what they learned, and tips for others joining the job market. The speakers’ topics ranged from everything from marketing to social media influencing to LinkedIn profiles to even tips to be more productive on a daily basis.

What did I learn from DBB Co?

There was a lot of business insight passed along from people who are in positions not too far away from the one I’m in now. They got jobs right out of college, which is a topic I am definitely anxious about. One of the main tips I got was to create a LinkedIn account. I also learned different ways to use it, like to always message someone first with a connection between their profile and yours, or to post things that really show off what you’re good at. In general, I learned the importance of having an online presence for getting work in this day and age. There was a lot of tips on being an entrepreneur and building business, so if that’s a path I want to take in the future I have a better guideline to follow.

NMIX 4110

Project One

Screenshot of the homepage of project one of NMIX4110

The first project taught me about the basic html and css coding to build a website from the ground up.

Project Two

Screenshot of the front page of my second project in NMIX 4110

The second project introduced me to Bootstrap and how it can be used to create and simplify the ground up web design process.

Project Three

Screenshot of the front page of my third project in NMIX 4110

The third project familiarized me with WordPress and the different types of websites that can be built with it.

Project Four

Screenshot of the website attached to the fourth project in NMIX 4110

The fourth project moved me into the JavaScript coding language. I learned the basics and wrote code to perform various challenging tasks.

Final Project

screenshot of the first page of the final project website

The final project took what I learned in the last project and put it to the test with the JavaScript30 challenges. I proved unsuccessful, but it did get me deeper into JavaScript.