Welcome to My JavaScript Journey

And how it failed!

For those of you who don’t know, JavaScript30 is a free series of tutorials on how to utilize JavaScript to create a variety of things… 30 things to be exact in 30 days. However I expected this to be a 101 type tutorial to get you more familiar with the basics and then testing your skills. However the frontpage of the website tells you this is not true. Here’s an example:

Although I do know some JavaScript from FreeCodeCamp, I did not really feel comfortable with it. I struggled through the basic algorithm challenges, but when I had completed them I had felt awesome. JavaScript has been maybe my favorite part of NMIX 4110, so I wanted to get deeper with it in order to build cool things. Starting the actual tutorials, I realized quickly that this was going to be a different experience than what I was expecting but I was excited to see where it would take me.

Rather than following the originally designed plan, I ranked all 30 challenges in my own order:

List of JAvaScript 30 Challenges in my own order

I didn’t have 30 days, but I was going to do one challenge a day every weekday (everyone needs a break) from April 11th till the 25th, doing 10 challenges in total. If they turned out to be very hard, I wanted to do at least 5, and if they turned out to be easy, I had 30 challenges at my disposal.

I only made it to 6, and with a lot of help.

I ultimately failed. But there was a learning curve. Which will be described here:

Check out each challenge to the right!