What I Learned: Reflection

This project worked out less than I hoped, but I do feel like I’ve learned JavaScript better because of it. Which was the real main goal. I think JavaScript is really cool and helpful to know. While we were learning the basics on FreeCodeCamp, I had a lot of trouble with it, but it was satisfying when I got it right. I wanted to recreate that, and it happened to a certain extent, but I felt under-prepared for this. But if I was going into it now, I think I would be pretty prepared. So for other people thinking about doing JavaScript30 to learn JavaScript, you’re gonna have to get a really good handle on the basics of JavaScript. Also JavaScript is kind of mathy in nature which is a helpful tip and/or warning.

Here are some of the syntax that messed with me during this project, and maybe you can learn from it as well, if you don’t know:

  • | means “or” and (a || b) would mean if either are true, it will return true. With Boolean values anyway, although I’m pretty sure || can also be used with non-Boolean values.
  • & means “and” and (a && b) means if both are true it will return true.
  • $ means it is identifying JavaScript specifically. I know John told us that before but it scared me every time I saw it because I don’t really know how to use it yet.

I also in general learned about some actual JavaScript Skills through this:

  • Arrays are fun. They are honestly the best part of JavaScript. But I still need more work with the .some, .every, and .index and those more advanced methods from Array Cardio Day 2.
  • Better believe I can work with all the console operations (console.table, .warn, .error, .clear, etc.).
  • Another thing I had never used was the .debounce for the Slide In On Scroll challenge. This in essence will limit the amount of times a function will run before stopping.
  • I had never used const before but its basic as hell. Its just a declared var but its constant and can’t be redeclared.
  • document.querySelectorAll() will take all of the elements of the document and make a NodeList out of.
  • NodeLists are like arrays but with less cool methods, so I don’t really understand the point of it. Like I had to change NodeLists to Arrays for some of my challenges.